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Pushing Social Digest: Who Else Wants 1,000 Blog Readers?

It was a supercharged week.

I threw down the gauntlet on Monday, challenging PSers to get 1,000 new blog readers in 90 days.  It will be a full-on sprint to blog success.  Joining is easy by the way. The start date was 3/12.  The end date is Saturday June 9th.  You join by simply commenting on the How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Readers post.  Give me your name and your blog address.

Every week on Wednesday, I will give you a new technique to grow your blog’s readership.  Check out Wednesday’s post for a peek at the what’s in store.  I put together a quick-start guide that teaches 3 special techniques for those who want a faster start.  About 97 people have already picked up the guide.   You can get it here.

Ready?  Here’s what we did this week.

PS – Best of the week

7 Ways Blogging Will Help You Overcome a Social Media Crisis

This was an excellent guest post from Melissa Agnes, the latest addition to the PS roster.  She outlines 7 great tips for using your blog to weather a social media crisis.

Your 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge Toolkit

A mid-week kick in the pants to get you started in the 1,000 Reader Challenge.  We talk Google Analytics, finding the right readers, and blogging metabolism (yes, you read the right!).  Dive in.

7 Quirky Ways to Beat Blogger’s Block and Write Your Best Post Ever

Can’t figure out what to write?  You might be suffering from blogger’s blog.  Here’s how to beat it.

How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Readers

The post that kicked of the epic 1,000 Reader Challenge.  Read it.  Join. Be Great.  Simple right?


PS Blog Spotlight

Every week I spotlight a blogger that is working hard to improve their blog.  Do me a favor.  Stop by their blog, read their posts, comment, and encourage them.

This week the spotlight is on: Positive Spin (I’m super proud of Linda Hewitt.  I really kicked her butt in her blog review.  Instead of getting pissed, she got busy.  Her improvements are awesome!)

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