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Read This Before Quitting Your Blog

Are you happy with your blog?  Let me tell you a secret.  Most bloggers aren’t.

You might be a perfectionist, an overachiever, or you might be burned out.

Whatever the reason might be, you are ready to throw in the towel.  You’re done.  And you are working on your “I’m Taking a Break” post.

Consider this before you hit the publish button –

Your blog might be ready to take off.  All it needs is one more focused push.

The problem might be you.  So go ahead and take my nifty “Gut Check” Quiz…

The Gut Check Quiz

Do you have a clear picture of your reader?

I’m not talking about some generic description, I mean a vivid photo image of your reader plastered to the back of your eyelids.  What’s her name?  What are they wearing?  This is important because this picture helps you write with soul.

Are you solving problems for your reader?

Can you rattle off 10 problems that you are solving for your community?  Ok, 10 is a big number how about 5?

Answering this question means that your blog is laser-focused on being practical and useful.

Do you have clear goals and “metrics” for evaluating your blog’s performance?

“You Manage What You Measure”.  Most bloggers “feel” their way to success.  They throw out numbers and blog when it feels right.  This is lazy.  If you are in the business of getting noticed then track every number you can.  You need to know if you are winning.

Answering this question shows if you are being accountable and realistic.

Do you have healthy list of topics that you’ll write about for the next 3 months?

Are you winging it?  Does it take a week to write a post?  Are you phoning it in?  Without a list of quality topics ready you are just making it way too hard on yourself.  It’s hard to sustain a blog that is  re-invented every single week.

Your answer to this question points to your blog’s sustainability.

Are you passionate about your topic?

Let me be clear about this one.  In my book, passion equals obsession.  I’m passionate about bass fishing.  I can’t get it off my mind.  I’m not happy unless I’ve hooked a 6 pounder.  Basically bury me with my Ugly Stick.

Get it?  Look inward and put your thumb on what you are passionate about.  Are you writing about that?  If not then your blog lacks “fire in the belly”.

Here’s What Just Happened

Your blog still serves an important purpose. You probably just drifted off course.

Think about it.  Do you still want to  –

  • Build an audience that will buy a product, buy a book, hire you to speak, or just shout “There’s the King!” when you come into the room?
  • Build Credibility and outshine your nearest competitor?
  • Demonstrate Expertise and deliver massive value to your readers?

If you had even a small yes to any of these goals then you need to suck it up and

Fix your blog – Not Abandon it.

After the last 3 years identifying what makes blogs work, I’ve discovered two rules of thumb…

Rule of Thumb #1: You Need Content (lots of it) and Creating Content Takes Time

Rule of Thumb #2: You Need a Voice and Developing a Voice Takes Time

Time is the key word.  The implications are plain.  Giving up today doesn’t give you time to make a difference.  Perhaps the best thing is to keep pushing forward.

What To Do If You Fail the Gut Check

1. Go Small: Table your bigger dream for now.  Concentrate on doing the small stuff right.  For example, instead of 2,000 word posts – master packing big ideas into a 300 word post. Or, instead of launching 4 products this year, just focus on nailing 2.

2. Be consistent: Get some wind in your wings.  Do whatever it takes to create at least one habit that benefits your blog.  In most cases this is just getting in the habit of writing one post per week.   Whatever you decide, make sure that you can stick with it.

3. Invest time in topic research: Commit to diving deep into your niche.  Get a firm handle on what your readers want and what’s missing in your niche.  Do this and you’ll watch your post grow in strength and popularity.

4.     Set real goals: Goals are funny things.  They only work if they are specific and measurable.  Foe example, “Write 10 Guest Posts” works. “Write Awesome Content” doesn’t.  Take a look at your goals.  Are they specific and measurable?

5.     Set your “All-In” time frame: I mentioned that your blog’s success will take time. So pick a number between 5 and 12.  Ok the number you picked is your all-in Time Frame.  If you picked 8 then I want you to “All In” for 8 months.  Don’t leave anything on the table.  Write your heart out. Focus intensely on your blog for 8 months.  After 8 months evaluate your efforts and make a decision.

Fight One More Round

Do you have it in you to fight one more round?  What’s on your mind?  What’s holding you back?  Leave a comment and talk to me. –

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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