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Next week, I will be holding a free coaching session called “Side Income Blogging” which will show you the nitty-griddy details of making a nice side-income from your blog-based business.

If you are interested in making a little cash from your blog then you need to be on this coaching call. Register for one of the 100 open spots here.

We’re going to have fun.  But in the meantime – here’s the #1 question people are asking –

Wait – Why only a “Side Income?”

I’m a realist. I know that you can’t make a six-figure income with your blog overnight. You know it too.

But you can make a decent side income that grows every month. How fast that income grows depends on your product, readers, and strategy but I absolutely believe you can make a couple hundred bucks a month working about as hard you do know.

Start with these six pointers:

Have the Right Objective

First, realize that businesses make money.  Businesses are focused on creating products, creating customers, and creating profit. You need to put on your business hat not your writer’s hat to achieve your income goals.

Remember that their isn’t anything magical about blogs. They are easy to support, easy to customize, and a ton of fun to build but they aren’t income generators right out of the box.
Blogs are great marketing tools but you need to have a business first.

Set Practical Goals

The first goal should be to make a small side income. I started with the goal of making $100/month which basically covered my gas money for the week. I kept building from there as the business behind the Pushing Social blog matured.

I urge you to set similar, small-step, practical goals.

Once you have the goal, print it out and keep it close to you . This isn’t new advice, but it is probably the most ignored goal-achievement “sure-thing” out there. Something happens when you are ready to write down what you intend to do.

In the webinar, I’ll teach you how to create a “Six Pack” To Do List that makes setting goals effective and fun.

Create a Blueprint

I have a thing for blueprints. My uncle Albert is an incredible carpenter (and geek). I remember him sketching out a rough blueprint before he would strap on his tool belt. The entire project was penciled out with measurements. This was the secret to his almost magical ability to construct almost anything with 2x4s and nails.

Blueprints show what you’re building and the steps you need to take. Almost everyone has an idea of what they want to build but often skip over the creating a blueprint!

Winging it will just cost you time and energy. Invest the time to create a step-by-step blueprint to building your side income blog. Once you’ve finished your blueprint, strap on your tool belt.

Get the Right Tools

I’m going to be Mr. Obvious today. I can get away with it because many bloggers ignore the obvious tools they need to succeed. Here they are:

1. A Product:
You can’t make money if you have nothing to sell. Simply writing blog posts will not buy the baby a new pair of shoes. Be careful here – realize that an opinion isn’t a product.

One more thing, you will need to create a lot of products on your way to building your business. Get ready to invest for the long-haul.

2. An Email List:
You can’t successfully sell much directly from a blog post. Sure you might get one or two sells every once in a while, but your audience is probably too small to generate tons of curiosity sales from your blog post.

Instead, save your relationship-based selling for your email list. Email is still king of the online income jungle and it will put real cash in your pocket. But, of course, you need to start building your email list – now.

3. A Merchant Account or Paypal:
You will need a secure and easy way to collect your customer’s money and transfer it to your bank account (minus fees). Square this away before you sell a product.

I started with Paypal and graduated to a fancy Merchant Account once my customers started asking for a non-Paypal option. I find that this path works for most people.

4. A Great Looking Website:
An ugly blog and website scares away customers.  A thrown together blogspot template will earn much less than a professionally customized template.

You WILL waste your money trying to polish up a free template. Worse, you’ll waste time and momentum.

The last two tools you need are conveniently installed for free on each side of your head…

Start Listening

Pick up the darn phone and ask people what they want. Next describe what you have and would they be willing to buy it. This is a foolproof way of not risking a dime and hitting consistent home runs with your product.

For example, I learned that people loved the advice I gave about designing their blogs – but they didn’t want to pay for it. They WOULD happily pay for me to just design their blog for them. It only took a few phone calls to figure this out.

Please start listening to your customers. You are on unsteady ground until you start doing serious customer research.

Get ‘er Done.

There are two types of people in the business world: Business Builders and Business Pretenders. I’ve worked for both.

Business builders figure out what they want, how to get it, and measure themselves based on what they get done.

Business pretenders look busy. They talk a lot. They seem to be connected with all the A-listers. They have terrific plans. But nothing gets done.

Be a business builder.

Will I See You May 1st?

I will be going into more depth about this topic during the Side Income Blogging Webinar next week. I hope to see you on the attendee list. In the meantime, tell me your side income blogging goal in the comments below.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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