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So God Made a Blogger

One Monday morning, a serious man with a serious goal thought…

I need someone who will write their heart out every day. Put their best work in the harsh glare of public attention, get criticized, ignored, and belittled, and maybe every once in a while experience the joy of changing the heart of one reader.

So God Made A Blogger…

Another said…

Can you bring me someone who can weave ordinary moments into extraordinary stories, turn a hard-heart into a passionate fan, wield words like a weapon, inspire and enlist the world-changing power of a 1000 “true fans”. A warrior who doesn’t flinch when the cause is just, engage instead of retreat, and respond to anyone with good intentions and an open mind.

So God Made A Blogger…

One more felt the situation was too bleak to ask but decided to try…

God can you…

Give me someone who can diagnose a busted plugin, connect a tricky email opt-in form, adjust the padding of an author box by 10 pixels and schedule a post to publish tomorrow at 10AM sharp. A miracle worker who can seduce Google, edit a less than stellar guest post, break silos, promote a post on 5 social platforms in 5 minutes, and explain the mysteries of content marketing to the CEO.

So God Made A Blogger…

[Inspired by the incredible Ram Truck “So God Made A Farmer” Superbowl Commercial]

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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