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The Difference Between Simply Writing a Blog and Making A Difference

Morpheus offers Neo two choices symbolized by a blue or red pill.

If Neo takes the blue pill he would wake up in the world he has always known.  Nothing will have changed.  He would live out his life based on someone else’s plan.  Taking the red pill meant accepting his true purpose.  Neo didn’t know this purpose.  The red pill just offered the clarity and power to choose.

It’s easy to place yourself in Neo’s shoes.  Which pill would you take?


The Matrix, was a brilliant story. Drawing from the DNA of the Hero’s Journey,The story drew you into a magical but troubling world populated by programs, prophets and gods. The Matrix works because it challenges its audience to ponder similar choices as Neo the hero.

I remember leaving the movie theatre wondering why the world seemed different, a bit out-of-place. How about you?

This isn’t a review about the Matrix.

Actually this post is a challenge to you.

This week, create a story that compels your reader to make a choice between the metaphorical red or blue pill.

Show your reader the world they live in and contrast that with the solution, perspective, or vision  you offer.  Ultimately, great blog posts are simply stories that compel action.  The best ones use stories to speak directly to your reader’s heart, their emotions.  Commit to writing a post that leaves their view of the world slightly out of alignment.

Your story could tackle:

  • Why your business’s culture delivers true value to the customer
  • Why your cause deserves a substantial financial commitment and not a sympathetic nod
  • How your product changes the entire dynamic of your industry

If you commit to this challenge, you’ll discover the enchanting power of something called Story Engineering.  I’ll share more about this with you in the weeks to come.  For now, take the first step and create your story.

You might be tempted to dismiss this challenge.

After all there are easier, clunkier ways to communicate.  You can tinker with post structure, frequency, SEO, word count and other blogging busywork.  Or, you can learn how to engineer stories that enchant, inspire, and motivate.

Its your choice.

If you take the challenge, write your story/post, and tell us where to read it in the comments section below.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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