The New Pushing Social Weekly Podcast

ps_podcast_logo_3-5I know you are busy and starved for time.

Even though you love snuggling up with a Pushing Social post, you might not have the time to dig into my latest 1000 word epic.

I understand.

That’s why I created the new Pushing Social Podcast – especially for you.  Every week, I’ll talk about the previous week’s posts and give you a quick tutorial on something that you’ll find useful. I’m excited about the Podcast and I bet you’ll have a good time with it too.

In our inaugural episode I’ll cover:

  • Why a podcast makes sense for most blogs
  • Quick tips to recording your own podcast
  • A few pieces of gear you will need to start podcasting
  • A review of this week’s posts covering the Egyptian Revolution, Valentines for Trolls, and Broken Resolutions.

Quick Note:  

In this podcast I talk about my Pushing Social Bootcamp.  The Bootcamp has been folded into the PS Mastermind.  Same mission, new name and even more awesome content.

Go ahead and click the play button to listen now:

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About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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