The Piers Morgan vs. Tony Robbins Showdown (and the lesson it teaches about blogging)

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Piers Morgan had his hands full.

Across from him sat the king of self-help, Anthony “Tony” Robbins.  Tony’s 6′ 7″ frame was folded into his chair and 110% of his energy was directed at Piers.

A bit shaken, Piers started with softball questions about Tony’s childhood.  Robbins absorbed the question and segued into his favorite topic – helping people achieve their potential.

Stymied, Piers focused on the abuse in Tony’s childhood.

Tony smiled and explained how the abuse in his childhood trained him to be a “Practical Psychologist”.  He went on to show how he used this tough training to help a quadriplegic learn to love life and his wife again.

Piers tried again with an edgy question about the role of government and what it should be doing for American citizens.

Again, Tony deftly redirected the question into a 5-point checklist on the promise of government and its opportunity to make a difference.  My wife leaned over and whispered, “I wish he were running for President”.

Piers had met his match.

You see, Piers Morgan’s job relies on a healthy dose of skepticism.  His brand is built on asking the hard uncomfortable questions.  CNN needs him to deliver the edgy interviews that accentuates the negative.  This is what the public wants and this is what Piers is paid to give.

If Piers Morgan penned a daily blog, I imagine it would be filled with cynical analysis of our leaders and a dubious outlook for our society.  I’m sure he would get attention in the short-term, but I doubt he would achieve Tony’s status.

Tony Robbins has become a multimillionaire and cultural icon by being positive.

Tony doesn’t rant.  He doesn’t attack his peers in thinly veiled opinion posts.  He just invests in people and helps them overcome the challenges in their lives.

Tony’s secret sauce is unbridled optimism.

Optimism – Is Exactly What Your Blog Needs

If you solve problems then you need to bear-hug optimism.

Optimism puts pep in your message and attracts readers to your cause.  Optimism gives your blog a glow that outshines the others who focus on the short-term attention offered by cynicism.

It’s hard to keep optimism at the core of your blog.  You’ll want to shout, rant and rave at the injustices around you.  It will be difficult to ignore the call of righteous indignation, but you must.

Your readers need to know that they get a healthy dose of empowerment from your blog.  Your readers should be able to bet on your unflinching resolve to be optimistic.

That’s how you succeed in blogging.

One Simple Optimistic Tip

What do you believe in?  What are your core values?  List ten.

Look at your list.  Is their at least one value that focuses on affirming and empowering others with raw unabashed optimism?  If not, then strongly consider doing what it takes to add it to your list.

Once you’ve finished your list of values, evaluate your blog through the lens of optimism.  Are you empowering your readers?  Which side of the interview table are you on – Piers or Tony’s?

Love to hear what you think about this.  You know what to do.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

11 thoughts on “The Piers Morgan vs. Tony Robbins Showdown (and the lesson it teaches about blogging)

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  4. Jeff

    Yes, Piers has definitely appeared 1-dimensional in this respect. I watched last night as he tried to pull some sort of skeptical controversy out of the freakin Dalai Lama. Just when the DL would say something interesting, Piers would jump in with something idiotic like “Are you sure you’ve never watched American Idol” Seriously!
    At least Larry King would latch onto optimism once in a while – maybe that’s why they kicked him out?

  5. Ocha

    I have always favored the side of optimism. I don’t recall who first said this but I love this quote. “Those who really desire to attain independence, have only to set their minds upon it. If one will adopt the proper means, as they do in regard to any other object which they wish to accomplish, the goal is easily achieved.”

  6. Linda

    Regarding optimism :
    I walked with my OH in a countryside beauty spot and was very excited to see the first primroses.
    Me – ‘Oh wow! Just look at those! How beautiful they are!’
    Him – ‘And look at the Coke cans beside them…’
    Why do some people notice the Coke cans and not the primroses?
    We have two choices. I know which I’ll choose…

  7. marketing expertise

    Unfortunately, if you investigate Tony’s personal life post is meteoric success as self-help guru, you’ll find a failed marriage (and messy divorces) and a wake of failed business partnerships – as with most promising political candidates – the image is not a reality.

    I’m a SiriusXM subscriber, and they constantly run an ad with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes (author of The Ultimate Sale Machine) promoting a joint venture to help small business increase their sales volume. They offer a free report on growing your small business if you call in and complete what amounts to a sign-up form. When you call in, however, it’s a TOTAL SALES PITCH in which a sales rep attempts to keep you on the line as long as possible to push the purchase of their (expensive) prepackage “consulting” program – I felt totally scammed, and the ad is still running to this day.

    In terms of truly positive self-help practitioners, I would recommend Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of The Power of Intention (in addition to many other great book), which presents one of the most positive and comprehensive templates for transforming your life. I hesitate to use such cliched language, but it totally changed my life – providing the impetus for a complete shift in my personal perspective.

    I’m all for optimism – but it has to ring true – and Tony Robbins just doesn’t cut it.

  8. Gregory

    Thanks for this post. Tony Robbins is one of my mentor/heroes and my blog is aimed at Inspiration, Fulfillment & Success. Tony is one of the premier examples of optimism regardless of the situation. I have lived my 5 decades with this undercurrent to everything.

    I’m just getting started blogging (and your blog has been of major assistance, Thanks!) and the basis of my message is – Think Positive & work toward your potential and success regardless … because You Can!

  9. Ellen

    Team Tony! My message, on my blog, in my LIFE, is inspiration and action. I can clearly see (and relate to!) that people love to be inspired. Where we can get a little stymied is the doing something with all that inspiration. That’s why I love Tony, and that’s when my blog (and life!) get the best feedback from my readers, when I’m blending the inspiring with the action. Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed it.

  10. Mark

    Hi Stan, if you desire to help people in anyway shape or form, Tony’s side of the table is the place to be.

    An optimistic mindset puts you in a position to succeed at anything you put your mind to… Add the desire to help people and you just increased your probability of success by ten fold.

    Love this post sir!

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