The Pushing Social Manifesto…

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About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

9 thoughts on “The Pushing Social Manifesto…

  1. Val Clark

    Flunking Friday is For Fiction blog big time but encouraged by your posts to keep on and get back to writing regular posts because I do want to encourage the other writers out there struggling to get their novels published.

  2. Andrea

    Sweeeet Stanford! Beautifully designed too. :) And it 100% reflects the truth. You are our champions and that’s so damn cool.

    :) Andrea

  3. Kenny

    You know. I have always seen you as a logical all business kind of guy. The fact you have such a seemingly emotive manifesto makes me think where you have been hiding. :) All this time.

    Two years. You have always behaved like a professional. The fact this blog is only two years old beggars belief. You are knowledgeable and a doer. And for that I am honored to know you and congratulate you on your well deserved success. Keep pushing.

    Peace. Respect.

  4. Don Stanley

    Love it, just love it. That’s why you’re changing the world my man! Feel lucky and honored to have connected with you at Social Slam!

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