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  • Mary

    Really powerful and inspiring. So glad you do what you do!

  • Catherine Buck Morgan

    Thanks, Stanford. I need to print this out as a reminder.

  • Ann Mullen

    Thank you, Stanford. I felt empowered when you mentioned my spark of genius and when you put the angels on notice.

  • Val Clark

    Flunking Friday is For Fiction blog big time but encouraged by your posts to keep on and get back to writing regular posts because I do want to encourage the other writers out there struggling to get their novels published.

  • Cordelia

    *Fist raised high*!

  • Andrea

    Sweeeet Stanford! Beautifully designed too. :) And it 100% reflects the truth. You are our champions and that’s so damn cool.

    :) Andrea

  • Kenny

    You know. I have always seen you as a logical all business kind of guy. The fact you have such a seemingly emotive manifesto makes me think where you have been hiding. :) All this time.

    Two years. You have always behaved like a professional. The fact this blog is only two years old beggars belief. You are knowledgeable and a doer. And for that I am honored to know you and congratulate you on your well deserved success. Keep pushing.

    Peace. Respect.

  • Don Stanley

    Love it, just love it. That’s why you’re changing the world my man! Feel lucky and honored to have connected with you at Social Slam!

  • Hashim Warren

    love it!