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The Rise of the Social Geek

I am proud to be a Social Geek. You should be too.

We are hitting our stride and creating a new world for social giving, achievement, empowerment, and jaw-dropping innovation.

For example – 

Yesterday I read about a geek who created ihollaback!, a mobile app that women can use to take pictures of men who sexually harass them in public.  The app is clever. The geek behind it is righteous.  Instead of iFart, they made something that matters.

Get the app: iPhone | Droid

Check this one out –

Catalista takes note of your location and tells you which charitable organizations in your neighborhood needs volunteers.  Put it on your phone and go for a walk.

Get the app: iPhone | Droid

Cool right?  How about this –

Goodguide uses your iPhone’s camera to read product barcodes and then tell you if the product is safe, healthy, and socially responsible.  You can use the app to make lists of responsible products and share them with your friends.

Get the app: iPhone | Droid

One more…

The geeks over at have created a microvolunteering platform that takes big social good tasks and breaks them down into micro-jobs.  From here, anyone can sign-up to do a small task and make big difference.  Amazing.

We have much to offer.  The only thing that holds us back is our vision of what we can accomplish.

Social Geeks Rule… 

Social Geeks embraces people power and strives to use technology as a empathy force multiplier. Now, it’s easier than ever to focus society on the tough stuff that needs solving.  Social Geeks are making it happen.

I suspect that the challenge is to quickly outgrow being just a blogger.  The world seems to need much more. Time to unleash your creativity to create content that inspires in a way that forces a change.

How to Be More…

A blog is a great place to start.

If you are a solo operation then use your blog to take chances. Don’t stop until you find your voice.  “Pound those keys Dog”.  Once you find your voice, use social to spread your vision and attract like-minded maniacs.

If you are a small business, use your blog to whip your customers into a passionate, undisciplined, legend-building force of nature.  You can do it – remember the cool social mega brands started with one reader and one Twitter follower.

If you are a big corporation, create a social skunkworks. Empower the skunkworks to surface your culture’s humanity and start telling stories that matter. You need to profoundly understand your readers, customers, and employees.  You need to scale empowerment and realize that a social culture always bets on the basic goodness of people.

Only people power will make this work.  Only Social Geeks have the curiosity, brashness, and empathy to stick with it until the social magic takes hold.

P.S. I want to celebrate Social Geek tech.  If you know of an app, website, or gadget that is connecting people then tell me about it in the comments or contact me here

Image credit: FePe55 (Flickr)

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Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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