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The Rules of A Creator’s Life – A Blogger’s View

Just read this awesome tidbit, “The Rules of Creator’s Life”, at TNW (Thanks Brian).  I fell in love, printed it, and taped it to my whiteboard. But, I needed more.

I asked, “How do the rules of a creator’s life apply to bloggers?”

These are my answers:

(Add your own in the comments below)

1. Do More Than What You’re Told To Do.

When I first started blogging I tried to do the minimum.  I badgered the experts to tell me how many words to write, how frequently I should post, and the magic number of Tweets.  The motivation was to just clear the bar… do no more and no less.  Silly rabbit.  Tricks are for kids.  I didn’t seen ANY success until I decided to do more than the next guy.

2.  Try New Things.

It’s easy to fall into a blogging rut.  You follow the leader and do what they do.  On one level this makes sense.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, model success so the logic goes.  But at some point you need to strike out on your own and find your own voice and pop to your own groove.  It’s scary to break from the pack but you can’t succeed until you do.

3.  Teach Others About What You Know.

Mind-blowing success doggedly alludes small thinkers.  A hallmark of the small thinker is the poverty mindset.  It sounds like this…

“I can’t give too much away for free.”

“I have to be careful or they won’t need me anymore…”

Bloggers need an abundant mindset.  Every thing is put on the line.  Every morsel of truth is taught.  This is the only way to gather a trusting audience; you can figure out how to get paid AFTER you’ve established trust.

4.  Make Work Into Play.

Too many people take this sh*t too seriously.  I’m shocked how a simple comment can spark a 700 word diatribe.  It’s sad and distracting.  Like most things, blogging gets harder the more you think, plot, and stress.  It’s a creative endeavor that requires a positive outlook and an open mind.  Please find a way to smile at the whimsy.  Turn your work into play and even better turn your play into work that you love.  More on that last point in a second.

5. Take Breaks.

Do you have a slave-driving demon that insists that you gotta keep your nose to the grindstone?  Kill that plucker.  You can’t produce “wow” content while you’re tired, frazzled, and harassed.  Schedule breaks throughout your day to maximize your focus.

Three weeks ago, I made a rule to never work more than 20 minutes without a break of at least 5 minutes.  Since then, I have enjoyed the most productive time of my life.  Try it for yourself – report back in the comments :)

6. Work When Others Are Resting.

I’ve tweaked this one to say “Work When Others are Whining.”  There’s plenty of whining, opinion-makings, screaming at the wind, and crying over spilled milk to give you ample time to work.  Don’t get distracted by useless navel-gazing.  When they start whining, you start working.

7.  Always Be Creating.

You don’t have to be talented to create.  You don’t have to have original ideas to create.  You don’t have to be superhuman to create.  You just have to be disciplined. Take 15 minutes every day to compile, curate, or investigate something that you can share with your audience.  That’s it.  Set your plow to this course and you’ll discover something magical.  The more you work the more creative, talented, and inspired you will become.

8.  Make Your Own Inspiration.

I have an evolving and growing list of inspirational role models.  The include Jay-Z, Om Malik, Steve Jobs, Lezly Tyler (my sister), Tim Ferriss, Salman Khan, Picasso, Mark Twain,  and others.  When I need perspective, I turn to these folks.

Notice that just one of these folks were pulled from the social media ranks.  Not that I don’t have more people that I admire, it’s just that to deliver something completely new I need my own inspiration.  Think about it.  Do you need to restock your inspirational shelves?

9. Love What You Do, Or Leave.

I can’t add to this. Its power is self-evident.  It frightens, challenges, and inspires.  It’s the source code of the Creator’s Life that requires obedience.  If you are wrestling with the rational side of this dictum then try this quote by the late Steve Jobs,“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”


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