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It’s called the Medici Effect and it has the power to reshape how you approach your blogging.  Coined by Frans Johansson, The Medici Effect offers a clear path to combining unrelated topics into a sure-fire recipe for a quantum leap in your content’s impact and stickiness.  I first came across this idea on Copyblogger and have been fascinated by it for over two years.

This week, I’ll explain how you can use the Medici Effect on your blog and get immediate access to breakthrough content.

Plus we’ll tackle…

  • How to achieve balance with your social media activities and not burn yourself out chasing the elusive “engagement” holy grail
  • Where to find inspiration “outside” your niche.
  • How to detect “procrastination” in disguise

Go ahead and dive in!


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Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

One thought on “The Surprising Source of Breakthrough Content

  1. Danny @ Firepole Marketing

    Hey Stanford, really great podcast! I haven’t read the Medici Effect, but I’m a huge fan of Leonardo da Vinci, and I really appreciated the example. You’re right – it’s really valuable to stretch out of your comfort zone, and being exposed to new ideas is the best way to have every more of them. Rock on, Stanford!

    We actually put together a similar list of great ideas on the web on Friday, right here:

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