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Blogs are cool and Vlog Video Blogs are cooler! Whether you want to market your business, or create an additional revenue stream, Vlogging or Video Blogging could help you accomplish both.

Think out of the box, let your creative juices flow and you can explore multiple vlogging possibilities!

Here’s a look at what it can do for you.

Perks of Video Blogging

On regular blogs, very long blog entries need to be accompanied by images, gifs, and even videos for many reasons:

  1. Readers are less likely to finish a very long text when there are no visual aids or at least fun images to break the monotony.
  2. Images and videos make it easier to understand a point, and make clearer an idea or emotion that the blogger is trying to convey.
  3. Many people are more likely to retain information seen in a video than read in a boring text.

Videos are very helpful for conveying whatever message it is that a blogger wants to share to his readers. Some internet marketers will express themselves more through writing, but there are also others who are more comfortable and eloquent when speaking—and that’s where vlogging is going to be valuable for them.

There are also many perks for launching videos as blog entries in terms of ecommerce and SEO. Videos for one are very easy to share. It is easier to convince people to watch a video right on their social media pages than to get them to open a link and read a long blog entry in a separate web page. It is also easy to package videos as merchandise for sale. You can distribute it digitally or create hard copies to be sold to customers who prefer them.

In fact, this type of medium is so pervasive in the Internet these days that any reputable SEO company will, at one time or another, suggest to its client to take this vlogging as a viable campaign tactic.

Videos are the ideal mediums for selling your expertise and knowledge if it concerns how-to procedures, like cooking, DIY arts and crafts, carpentry, electrical repairs, home repair and decorating, and the like.

Even corporate demonstrations and lectures are also in-demand in video format. This is truly a convenient way of accommodating audiences and clients from all over the world. For example, if you are a lecturer and you want to offer your services to long-distance customers, you can sell them your lecture videos and just follow it up with a Q&A if you cannot personally attend to your audience.

Now the next question is how does one go about creating a video blog?

Tips on Vlogging

Choose the best place for your videos. One of the advantages of vlogging is that you don’t actually have to own a website or blog in order to start one. You can just as easily showcase your videos in YouTube or any other video sharing website of your choice. Sometimes it’s even easier to promote a video on YouTube since the website’s content can be easily embedded in blogs, websites, and social media

There are additional perks of course if you choose to have your own domain and blogroll. You can design the entire page to complement the featured video, maybe add more images and a paragraph or two describing your output. It’s not absolutely necessary though, hence the practicality of using YouTube and promoting your channel.

Plan the format of your video blogs. There are so many successful vlogs out there, and all of them have developed some sort of theme or video format. If you’re making how-to videos, you can simply film your hand s and give a voice-over. If you’re filming a lecture, you can speak in front of a whiteboard. You can even just voiceover a PowerPoint presentation.

Here are other examples of successful YouTube vlog channels:


Husband and wife Charles and Alli Trippy have been running their YouTube vlog Internet Killed Television for four years now. Their style of vlogging is simple: they take short, personal videos and speak about anything under the sun. They are very successful now that they already sell CTFxC merchandise to their fans.


Screen Shot 2013 01 28 at 8.33.41 PM 300x187 Easy Tips For Creating A Successful Vlog — Video Blogs : Blog Promotion

Internet Killed Television!


Olan Rogers a silly, funny guy who tells all sorts of crazy stories embellished by exaggerated facial expressions and that distinct laugh of his. His dialogue is fast, witty, and sometimes over the top, but that’s okay because silliness seems to be the theme of his YouTube channel. He is one of those vloggers who obviously uses a cue sheet since you can see his eyes veer off to the side of the camera as he speaks.


Author John Green and his brother Hank feature in their YouTube channel, VlogBrothers. They simply sit in front of a camera, sometimes together sometimes alone, and talk about various topics that range from funny and trivial, to serious and controversial.

The Annoying Orange

The Annoying Orange is a very popular channel that’s enjoyed by young and old alike. Each video is an episode about an utterly disrespectful and annoying orange who keeps on bugging every fruit, vegetable, or kitchen implement that comes his way. Each video always ends with the Annoying Orange as the victor in the exchange of witticisms—and most other characters always ends up getting sliced, diced, cooked, or blended.

Screen Shot 2013 01 28 at 8.34.54 PM 300x187 Easy Tips For Creating A Successful Vlog — Video Blogs : Blog Promotion

The Annoying Orange Vlog

You still have to do some writing. Yes, you’re creating visual content and you don’t need to publish paragraphs, but visual content is content nonetheless. You still need to plan the intro, the body, and the conclusion. Even if you memorize it, the fact of the matter is you need material to memorize—and that means written content.

Speaking of content, most people even write out the entire script of the video instead of extemporaneously speaking at a camera, unless if they are absolute experts in their respective fields that they don’t need any cue cards or idiot boards. It’s safer to have at least a guide in front of you because you can be sure that you don’t leave out important points of what you’re talking about.

If you’re planning to appear on the camera, it won’t hurt to practice in front of a mirror. Also practice modulating your voice and speaking clearly even while making funny voices.

Don’t make your videos too long. Five minutes is actually a lifetime already, unless if you’re producing lecture videos.

Last but not least, you must have a decent camera to take videos with. People will always appreciate high-quality videos, but you don’t really have to make your vlog an expensive production. Just consider the examples above. A decent camera that will register a clear and crisp video will do.

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