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Want a Free Ticket to the Social Media Examiner Content Success Summit?

In February, Social Media Examiner will be holding its Content Marketing Summit.  As you can guess, the entire conference will focus on the latest content marketing strategies for all types of businesses.

I believe that Content Marketing is the “great equalizer” allowing small businesses to aggressively grow and compete in any marketplace.  In 2013, you’ll see me offering more concrete advice around content marketing for small and medium sized businesses.

But…In the meantime…I’m preparing a nitty-griddy presentation for the Content Marketing Summit.  You read that right – I’m going to be presenting, which is a huge deal for me.  I’ve spent the last 3 years admiring Social Media Examiner, I never dreamed that I would be presenting at one of their conferences!  So I’ll be bringing the thunder.

And…I want you to attend too! More about that in a moment.

Here’s the deal.  The Content marketing Summit is an online conference.  This means you attend by simply logging on to a the specific session’s webinar.  You can watch the session on your computer or mobile device and take part during the Q&A session.  No travel, hotel, or time away from your family needed.  Also, the conference schedule is stretched out over the entire month of February allowing everyone a good chance to attend any of the online sessions.

So Social Media Examiner has made it easy for busy Pushing Social readers to join in the fun.

I Have Two Free Tickets…Want One?

I’ve been given two free tickets to give away.

I will be holding a drawing on Friday, January 17th at 12PM EST to select two winners.

All you have to do to enter the drawing is click this link and answer this question…

“What is the your #1 Blogging Goal?”

Super easy.  Click here to answer the question and enter the drawing.

Top Blogging Goals So Far

I’m asking this question for two reasons:

  1. I’m curious.  You and I have been talking about blogging for the last three years.  I want to see what you are focused on now.
  2. I want to give you better more focused advice.  I plan on doing a video series on each of the top goals.  Your answer will help me refine my advice.

Here’s what your fellow PS readers are focused on…


Most of you want more readers or more sales from your blog.  It’s interesting that a quick scan of the top headlines from many “blogging about blog” sites are focuses on writing better posts or having creating a better looking blog.  This is great information.  I would love to have your answer added to the results.

The PS Video Series

Next week, I will publishing a 4-video series on how to get more readers.  If you want to see it, sign-up for a free membership to the PS Mastermind.  This won’t be your typical generic, “write more guest posts” type of stuff.  I’ll be showing you the unorthodox strategies I use to attract over 30,000 readers a month – with zero spent on advertising.  So make sure you sign up here.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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