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What Candice Glover Can Teach You About Superstar Blogging

Candice Glover gives me chills.

You don’t know Candice if you aren’t an American Idol watcher but you soon will.

Not because she has a once in a generation voice.
Not because she makes me want to be a better person, performer, dreamer
Not because she has the courage and vision of a future star

Candice is chill-worthy because last night she used a simple song to teach an amazing principle…something I’ve been trying to teach you for three years.

First – watch the video

She sang Paula Abdul’s 1988 hit “Straight Up”. This song was a pop extravaganza. It was a hit that I still stop and listen to today.

Candice turned it into a jazz ballad. She did it so well that I now believe that the song was supposed to be a jazz number and Paula got robbed. Straight up mugged.

Candice could have sung this hit staying true to its pop roots. She didn’t. She made it her own.

I sure hope this woman doesn’t decide to become a social media blogger…because she would eat my lunch.

Here’s why.

You’ve Got to Own It.

I will tell it straight.

Most stuff I read online from hopeful bloggers misses the mark. Not because these folks are wrong, untalented, or lack expertise. Nope. In fact, many of the top bloggers are amazing people. But they write as if they are scared of their readers or their peers.

They don’t own the song. The lack the courage to turn the topic into their own.

But, friends – this is the courage it takes to be an A-Lister, a best-selling author, a sought-after keynote speaker, an inspiration.

If you sound like the last gal, you’ll get a fraction of the “last gal’s audience”. But if you want to be a star – the absolute best, you need to own it for yourself. The best way to do it is to look for inspiration and tell the story your way.

This is easier if you are a personal blogger. You only have to face your own fears and constraints. I understand that it’s more difficult if you are a business blogger. After all, business people are buttoned-down serious folk who speak in moderate tones with well-rehearsed lingo. That’s why we can’t stand them.

It’s time to own it. A business can dance and give its customers chill too, they just have to have guts.

You can choose. Sing the song like everyone else and get ignored like everyone else. Or – own it. Straight up.

Talk to me below

P.S. Mediocre goals, homogenized aspirations, or well-meaning guilt-mongerers might be holding you back. But, that’s another post for another day.

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