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What if You Only Had 20 Blog Posts Left?

His name is Wael Ghonim.

On January 25th he decided that something had to change.  He didn’t want to lose weight, stop smoking, or get a promotion.

He wanted to earn a decent wage, express his opinions freely, and end the regime of a tyrant.

His Facebook page “We Are All Khaled Said” ignited a revolution. This could have been the last page Wael ever wrote but he had the courage to take a chance.

18 days later, thousands of protestors celebrated when the improbable happened.

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s de-factor dictator, stepped down,  and 80 million people were entrusted with liberty.

The pundits are debating how social media played a role in the Egyptian Revolution.  However, I think the experts are missing the real lesson.

What You Say and Do Means Much More Than You Think

I’m fascinated by how one guy used one page to change his world.  Knowing that his Facebook page could be his last – he took action and made a difference.

This brings up an interesting question…

What if your next 20 posts were your last?

How would this ultimatum change your blog’s topics?

Would you spend your 20 posts:

  • Repeating someone else’s ideas?
  • Tearing apart another’s work?
  • Filling space to hit your 5 post a week quota?
  • Selling just one more affiliate product?

Or would you to write something revolutionary?

Would you invest the time and take the risk to:

  • Expose injustice and cruelty?
  • Show your reader new ways to view and transform their world?
  • Offer practical ways to build something that lasts (families, relationships, and businesses)?
  • Share art that celebrates what it means to be human and free?

Here’s a thought…

Why don’t you brainstorm your last 20 posts. Take it seriously.  Imagine if you had the power to spark a revolution (which you do)? Tell me what you’d write in the comments.

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Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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