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Who Else Wants an Unforgettable Blog?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, even in the blogging space.

I know I’m breaking the campfire rules of social media, but hear me out.

I know we are all supposed to be friends. We don’t compete. Yet the reality of blogging is that we are competing for attention. You might truly respect the other blogs in your niche, but your readers have to make hard choices with their time.

When they open their RSS reader, they have to decide to read you or your competition.

Now you might be thinking that I’m going to berate you with another “be awesome” or write “epic sh*t” diatribe.


Others have run a rut into that subject.

I’m going to ask you to something much simpler.

Even More Important than Your Headline…

It’s heresy, but I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a hidden secret to blog dominance that has been in plain sight.

It’s so easy that you might have missed it.

Switch back to your blog and look under your blog’s title. What does it say up there?

Yep, I’m talking about your tagline. What are you telling your visitors about your blog?

Here’s a few taglines from a few blogs that I follow:

  • Copyblogger: online marketing that works
  • Man vs. Debt: Sell Your Crap. Pay Off Your Debt. Do What You Love.
  • The Art of Nonconformity: Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work and Travel

I want you to notice something about these taglines. Each of them answers three important questions:

What is this blog all about?

Who will benefit most from reading this blog?

And why does this blog kick serious butt?

These taglines express the blog’s unique selling proposition (USP), and they are one of the secrets to propelling a blog from zero to hero.

The Funny Thing about Your Reader’s Brain

Our brains are hardwired to identify, categorize, and label everything we see. Blogs are no exception. A new visitor to your blog quickly looks for categorization clues. They want to know what you talk about, who you are trying to attract, and how you want to be perceived.

A well-crafted tagline is a direct way to slice through the clutter and lodge your blog in their cranium.

Look at my examples again…

What is Copyblogger all about? Online marketing, no doubt about it.

How about The Art of Nonconformity?

You get the idea.

The flip side is that if you are vague, too clever, or just plain negligent, you run the risk of being ignored. You’ll lose to the well-positioned blog every time.

How to Create Your Blog’s Tag Line

Every great blog tagline answers three important questions. I call them the Blog Holy Trinity.

#1 What is this blog all about?

#2 Who will get the most out of reading this blog?

#3 Why does this blog matter?

You might have noticed that I’ve added a brand spanking new tagline for Pushing Social. It’s Easy Blogging Tips for Busy People.

The tagline says that Pushing Social is all about blogging. It says that busy people who have little time to blog will get the most out of visiting. Finally, this blog matters because it custom designed to deliver the best blogging strategies.

You try. Tell me what you come up with in the comments below.  (I might even give you a few pointers!)

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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