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Why aren’t you owning it?

A Guest Post from @Margie Clayman…

My friend @MayaREGuru (you may know her, and if you don’t, go find her) is a master at many things. One of those things is the use of hashtags to make exclamations on her point. One hash tag she uses a lot is #ownit. Owning it is one of those things that doesn’t really make sense until you realize how it is impacting you.

So, let’s talk about owning it.

You’re here for a reason, aren’t you?

You’re putting a lot of effort into this Social Media space right now. I can tell because you’re here at this site, at Pushing Social, a site that helps people who are serious get on top of their games. So why are you here? What are you hoping to take away? What are you hoping to learn?

Let me tell you a secret. What you need first, before any of the information here sinks in, is a grasp on what you are trying to do. That is what you need to own.

I’ll ask again. Why are you here?

I know that it’s hard to come to terms with what you are trying to do in this space sometimes. A few months ago, I told myself I was just here so I could learn how to “do” Twitter. I was just here so I could show our clients that we work with, “Hey, you can blog too.”

That wasn’t the whole reason why I came to this space though. I wasn’t owning what I wanted to do. I was learning a lot, but it was like learning details about how to go camping in the wilderness before you know how to walk. I didn’t have anywhere to put that knowledge I was gathering. I was gathering great bits of knowledge and then tossing them over my shoulder.

Why are you here? Are you here because you want to grow your business? Are you here because you want to become famous? Are you here because you want to be able to teach other people how to play this Social Media game? Are you owning the rationale behind all of this time you’re spending, or are you sheepish with yourself? Is your reason for being here on the tip of your tongue, but then you lose confidence in yourself and you feel like there’s no way you can reach your goals?

You need to own it.

The map and the compass

Owning your mission, owning your objectives, is like having a map. You have a starting place. You can plot stops along the way. You have a destination. Maybe you have a series of destinations – that happens a lot.

If you are coming here or to other sites and you aren’t owning what you’re trying to do, you are carrying a compass that will only tell you which way is North. It won’t tell you if you’re going towards your destination. How can it? You don’t know where to point it. How can you own that mission, that destination?

• Envision where you want to go

• Go to the AAA and get your information booklets. This can mean going to blogs, going to webinars, reading reading reading, and learning as much as you can!

• Talk to other people who have traveled that path. What are the pitfalls? What are the good hotels?

• Map it out. Plan it out. Set goals for yourself. Set benchmarks.

• Make your reservations, my friend. You’re on your way.

Think of us as travel agents

Still not sure how to get going? Still not sure how to own it? Talk to us about what’s standing in your way in the comments. We’ll help you tear those walls down and get you driving.

About Marjorie

Marjorie Clayman is passionate about integrated marketing, research, and helping people find their way in Social Media. Marjorie feels community may take the throne from content and/or context in the near future, and she wants to help you find yours. Marjorie blogs at

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