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Why Google Plus May Not Be a Smart Move

For a few days, I became caught up in Google Plus euphoria. However, I quickly came to my senses.

Granted, Facebook should be worried. Many heavy hitters are contributing piles of klout to keep the Google Plus conversation at a fever pitch. In a weird way, I’m happy that Google has found some social mojo and demonstrated that it is relevant in a Facebook world.

But what will Google Plus really do for the business or personal-brand blogger?

Not much, really.

Let me put it another way. If you haven’t conquered the fundamentals of running a social-powered business, then Google Plus will be another distraction. You’ll spend weeks shuffling your Facebook and Twitter lists and end up exactly where you are now.

You’ll be earning exactly what you earn now. You’ll probably be slightly more influential than you are now.


You’ll have another social platform to build, nurture, and engage. From a purely ruthless ROI perspective, the added hourly burden of supporting Google Plus will drive your earnings per hour further into the red.

Who Benefits from Google Plus?

Think about it…

The people who are most enthusiastic about Google Plus have already squared away their businesses.

They have engaged audiences who are regularly buying physical and digital products.

Every day, their e-mail lists, customer lists, and influence grows on autopilot. They don’t need Google Plus to achieve escape velocity with their business. They are already there.

If you dig deeper, you’ll notice that Google Plus is a tool for busy influentials to better organize their personal and business contacts. For now, it’s not a business or blogging silver bullet. Google Plus slips nicely into the grey zone created by the love triangle between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now “Plusers” can easily segregate their personal and business circles and enjoy gee-whiz communications options for hanging out with 10 of their favorite BFFs.

We’ll all benefit from the intense microscope the best and the brightest are putting on Google Plus. But for now, I’m wondering if it’s better to be a “fast follower.”

I’m Nervous about the Hype

You and I need to handle the fundamentals first.

We must focus our attention on wrestling a few grizzlies to the ground such as:

1. Are you consistently attracting more visitors to your blog?

If not, then invest your time in refining your blog’s focus, studying your readers, publishing interesting content, and mastering the art of storytelling.

2. Are you persuading your readers to join your e-mail list or buy your product?

Google Plus won’t help very much here. Instead, you need to master copywriting and build attractive landing pages with irresistible offers. You need to understand how your blog contributes new customers and at what cost. This stuff isn’t sexy, but it keeps the boss happy, the spouse grinning, and the kids fed.

3. Are you building a business?

A business is simply an entity that produces a product and delivers it to a customer for a profit. It’s a simple concept, but many confuse writing blog posts for having a business. Being busy isn’t the same as running a business.

Answer these three questions first. Once you have three great answers, then you are ready to tackle the stuff that promises to bring in the next reader. Until then, pay close attention to what social activities are actually moving the needle for your blog and business.

Smart Ways to Use Google Plus

If you insist on “experimenting” with Google Plus, then take a look at these smart posts:

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Start slow. Make sure you don’t neglect the fundamentals, and make your investment of time count.

Make sense? Am I being too harsh? Do you have a plan for using Google Plus that I should know about?

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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