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Why Most Bloggers are in the Wrong Business

Are you a steely-eyed content marketing purist?  Do you religiously pound out your 1,000 words come rain or shine?  In your heart, do you believe that soon you will be discovered and your dedication will be rewarded?

Then you should sit down.

Because even though everything you do is important –   It may not be enough.

Let’s take a step back…

I know that being a Tribal leader and nurturing a blog is exhilarating and challenging.

Just like Oprah pours passion into every show, Alton Brown researches another food mystery, and, Lady Gaga finds a new way to titillate her monsters…you sit down to inspire,  train, and mentor your community.

Everyday, you dig down deep and claw out greatness – no matter how you feel or if you are in the mood.You have a responsibility to your audience and you won’t let them down.

When you take a step back friend, it really looks like you are in Show Business.

In fact, it might help you shoulder your load a bit easier if you change your perspective.

Here’s what I mean.

5 Reasons Why You Are In Show Business – Not the Blogging Business

#1. You Have Fans:  Your fans care about you.  Sure their interest is selfish.  You are solving a problem, stoking desire, or fulfilling dreams.  They want more.  But this is also a two-way street.  You get a charge out of them as well.  You love to see the reweets inch up, comments come piling in and having the movers and shakers mention you.

Learn to feed off this give-and-take.

Try this: Treat every comment like it was your first.  Remember when you were thrilled to get that first one-line “great post”?  Think back to how you threw yourself into the response.  Take 24 hours to do that again.  Your fans will love you for it.

#2. You Are Passionate: Erykha Badu says in one of her songs, “I’m an artist – so I take my shit personally”.  Amen.  Never, ever, be neutral about anything you do.  You are a creator.  When you wake up you craft ideas, products, and services that have never existed before.  This creativity requires an artist’s heart and fire.  Stoke yours.

Try this: Imagine that your next post will be the last you’ll ever write.  It will be the only one remembered.  It will be your legacy.  Now sit down and write for 33 minutes.  I mean, beat those keys with flat-out abandon. Don’t edit.  Just write.

Now, publish it. I guarantee that it will shock your niche and make you a superstar.  Passion always does.

#3. You Are An Entertainer: (Gasp) Listen, I gotta be straight with you.  You can’t afford to be boring.  There’s way too much me-too information for you to make a name by being the safe and professional choice.  You need to be fascinating.  You need to get tongues-wagging. People need to know that wild and memorable things happen when you’re around.

Try this: Shock and push yourself by switching mediums.  This means, shoot a video if you always write.  Write a short zinger if you are a long post writer.  Write an epic if you are rely on zingers.  Mix it up and give your community a different look.

…or if you are smart-logical-cool-hand-luke type of writer then take the gloves off and write a throaty rant.  Believe me, this is exactly what the crowd has been waiting to see from you.

#4. You Crave Attention: Supposedly Sharon Stone, early in her career, while leaving a club noticed that there wasn’t any paparazzi waiting for her outside.  Instead of feeling fortunate for a moment of privacy, she wheeled around went back into the club.  She called her agent and gave her a tongue lashing. Within minutes, paparazzi arrived at the club to snap Stone’s picture.

True or not…I like the lesson.

You have to be noticed.  Popularity is currency and you need to earn, spend, and save it wisely.  These are the new rules of influence and you gotta play to win.

Try This: Promote your posts.  Seriously, DM your posts to your regular commenters and ask them to read and retweet them.  Tactfully approach movers and shakers in your niche and invite them to take a look and provide feedback.  Don’t be shy (it doesn’t pay).

#5 You Reinvent Yourself: Have you noticed how the most prolific and loved entertainers constantly reinvent themselves.  They seem to glide through the decades and never lose relevance.  Madonna, Leonard DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, and Eminem to name a few.

You too need to look for ways to reinvent your approach while staying true to your core.  Your flexibility keeps you current, approachable, and useful to your audience.  It shows that you can grow with your audience.  In the end, you become damn near indispensable.

Try This: Go ahead and invest in that blog redesign.  Switch out that twitter pic.  Actually pay for a professional photoshoot.  Spend a little time brainstorming how you can evolve your brand. This will probably be the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself.

Time to Go To Work

Hey, don’t you dare file this post away for later.  Tell me how you are going to flaunt your next post or reinvent your personal brand.  Right now, somebody else is working to make a name for themselves in your niche – how will you beat them to the top?

{Image Credit: Incase}

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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