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Why Passion Posting May Be Hurting Your Blog’s Traffic

I wanted to weigh in on the “How often should I post?” debate.  There are several schools of thought on this one.

One schools says that more posts = more traffic.  I’ve been able to confirm this myself.

In July, I was posting once a week. During August, I added the Fascination Series which took my posting schedule to 2x a week..  The results were clear.  Traffic to Pushing Social increased by 46%.  I suspect that I would see another jump in traffic by adding another post.

The other school encourages you to post when you have something important to say.  This camp says traffic be damned.  It’s about passion, sincerity, and  authenticity.  I call this the Passion Posting school.  I love these folks, but I don’t 100% agree with them.

Here’s why:

  1. The “write when you feel like it” mantra gives you an excuse to not post at all.  That’s a problem because –
  2. The more you write, the better you will get.  Deliberate day-to-day practice is the key to mastery.  But more importantly –
  3. Consistent and frequent post shows your readers that they can depend on you.

Your readers are looking for quality and consistency.  For them, it feels good to know that every week, like clockwork, you will show up with something great to offer.  In this case, the more you “show up” the bigger the audience.

The Key to Attracting Influencers

I’m an unabashed Influencer Marketing disciple.  I know the influencers in my niche and I work my butt off to make sure they know about my content.  After two failed blogs, I finally learned that the key to getting on an influencer’s radar is consistency.

Consistent high-quality posts show that you are a serious player.  Consistency shouts that you are “here to stay”.  Plus, a steadily growing archive of posts confirms that you have content to satisfy the Influencer’s readers.

Scattershot, infrequent, posting brands you as a flake.  Not the image you want when trying to attract A-Lister support.

By the way, if you don’t care about attracting loyal readers, creating a steady income, or becoming influential in your niche, you can ignore this advice. Your blog is a labor of love.  I get it. 😉

This isn’t a License to Kill Yourself

Am I saying that you immediately start posting twice a day?  No.  That’s like telling you to get off the couch and run a marathon.  You’ll burn yourself out (and hate me in the process).

Do this instead. Set a goal for yourself (i.e. 5 posts a week). Create a calendar that gradually, over the next month, works you up to your goal.  Take it slow but make it steady. As you write more, you’ll discover little tricks and techniques for keeping your quality high while writing more.

Make sure you watch your traffic.  Soon you will see a nice, steady rise as your niche recognizes that your blog is “built to last”.

What’s your posting goal?  What’s your biggest challenge with posting frequently?  Talk to me and I’ll talk right back!

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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