Why Writing A Great Blog Post Is So Stinkin Hard

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What my screen looks like as I write this post...

What my screen looks like as I write this post…

You need to post.

It has to be good.

You start typing….

Stop. Backspace. Start again.

You get 15 crappy words on the page.  Delete.

This sucks…right?

Ever wonder why you’re struggling with a simple 500-word post?

Here are three hints:

1. You Don’t Have A Recipe

I’m a decent cook but I can’t just “whip something up”. I need a recipe. Once I get cooking I can add little touches here and there that makes the recipe special. Blogging works the same way. Writing a post can be fun, refreshing, and inspiring if you have a recipe.

I have 5 blogging recipes that I use religiously. I will teach you all of them in my upcoming EZ Blog Post Writing Webinar but here’s one of my favorites –

Problem – Solution – Application.

I start by describing the pain my reader feels. I put it in vivid, gut-wrenching detail with vivid picture words. My goal is to get them agitated and uncomfortable.

Next, I offer a solution. The solution can be a series of steps or a metaphor they can relate to. The solution is concise, easy to do, and practical.

I finish with a brisk slap to the face to get them started. Most readers are tip collectors not action takers.  I make sure to rouse them from their passive trance and challenge them take action.

2, You Are Trying to Do Too Much

Are you trying to write the perfect epic post? Good luck. You’ll be staring at that blank monitor screen until hell freezes over. Quit it.

Write what you can with what you have.

Start tapping those keys dog.

Once you get started, your brain will realize your serious about “finishing” and give you the words. Just select one idea and use the Problem – Solution – Application recipe and get moving.

Blog posts are built for quick single-idea jabs. Fill the page and move on. Write your novel later – for now – just get your post done.

3. You Are Using the Wrong Tools

Funny thing about creativity; it works best in isolation. the slightest distraction throws your brain into a tail spin. Email notifications, Twitter alerts, even a busy toolbar can sap your creative energy.

Programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs can drive you into a distracted  manic frenzy. I know, I’ve just pulled myself out of this tailspin before writing this post!

Try using a program like Byword to remove all the normal toolbar doodads and give you a nice clean canvas. You can also use your notepad or text editor application. The idea is to focus your mind on one thing.

Oh…background music, the white-noise of your family going about their business, coffee shop bustle and the like can actually focus your attention. Just eliminate the on-screen distractions.

Yes..You Can Be A Great, Effortless Blog Post Writer

Great blog posting writing is a science. It can be learned. Let me teach you how to do it.

Sign-up for my upcoming EZ Blog Post Writing Webinar on May 30th here. I’ll show you my 5 blog post writing recipes, give you some awesome writing tools, and teach you how to actually have fun writing posts that get noticed and promoted.

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About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

7 thoughts on “Why Writing A Great Blog Post Is So Stinkin Hard

  1. Stanford Post author

    Glad you were able to hang out with me. I’m sure we’ll be talking a lot in the future.

  2. Natalie

    I watched the webinar just now because i’m in a whole other timezone but i gotta say i loved it, especially your ‘stunt’!

    I blogged a lot till about a year ago and somehow stopped. I have been wanting to start for a while but felt i didnt know if i had anything to tell or that i didnt have the inspiration. I know i do know and just got to sitt my butt down in the chair. Thank you!

    Just one comment: since one month i somehow do not get rss feed anymore of the blog. Feedly thinks you’re newest post is 32days old. Maybe something to check out…

  3. Sonia

    This was probably one of the best webinars I have ever attended. What’s even more effective is that you showed it live so we could really see how “stupid-easy” it really is. Thank you Stan for taking the time to share that with us yesterday.

  4. JC

    Great tips, I love your simple recipe: Problem – Solution – Application! I think sitting back and focusing on the basics again can really help you refresh your perspective.

  5. Samuel

    Hey Stan,

    Guest blogging is hard to do and effective guest blogging is hardest of them all.

    What I really love, I really do, is your point about what to write when you want to create a guest post.

    Write about a solution to a problem. Couldn’t be better man :)

    Thanks for the tips!

    Samuel from internetdreams.com

  6. Chim Aaron

    I like points 1 and 2. I think 2 is very liberating. You hear all the time that you should write epic stuff. But if you keep waiting for the heavens to be opened and for inspiration to burst forth, you’ll never start, or you’ll never finish. I also like the problem – solution – application template. Easy to remember and very practical.

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