Why Your To-Do List is Critical To Your Blog’s Success

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You have an important decision to make today.  You have to decide what you will work on.  What task will get the benefit of your attention, creativity, and focus.

My to-do list has two types of activities: Comfort Zone tasks and Dream Zone tasks.

Comfort zone tasks are what they sound like.  These tasks are easy and fear-free.  My comfort zone list has Writing this blog post, running a mile, curating content for my twitter followers.  I’m good at these tasks.  I know the feedback I will get the community around me.

Dream zone tasks scare the crap out of me.  I have no idea how I will complete them.  I can’t predict success.  My Dream Zone to-do list includes writing a panel proposal for a major conference, completing 1,000 words on a project that may change my life, and asking for an interview from a personal hero and major celebrity. Although these tasks scare me, I know that they will unlock the door to new opportunities.  Fear and uncertainty are just the price of admission.

You have Comfort and Dream Zone to-do lists too.

Most likely your day is filled with the comfort zone tasks.  Completing this list will give you the same results you received yesterday and the day before.  If you are lucky, one of your comfort zone tasks will deliver a spectacular result like writing a blog post that is featured on the Huffington Post.  We love these happy surprises because we benefit without taking any chances. But you know in your gut, that extraordinary results can’t come from your comfort zone tasks.  For that, you need to live in the Dream Zone.

The Dream Zone for a blogger means creating something spectacular.  It can be a surprising new perspective on a common problem.  It might be a book that lifts the level of debate and short circuits the echo chamber.  It might be asking someone to give you an honest opinion about your blog so you can improve rather than treading water.

The peculiar thing about the Dream zone is that it requires you to grow in order to thrive.  You need new skills, mindsets, and tools.  Unfortunately a lot of the tools you refined in the comfort zone won’t help much in the Dream Zone.  The good news is that completing Dream Zone tasks creates entirely new more powerful behaviors, perspectives, relationships, and tools.

I want you to experience the Dream Zone.  But, I know how scary it is to make the transition.  I’m living it right now.  For once, I’m going to recommend you take it one step at a time.  Add one Dream Zone task to your list and complete it. Fight the fear and focus on the person you’ll be once you make the transition. It’s worth it.

What is on your Dream Zone List?  

P.S. If you decided to put your blog’s success on your Dream Zone list then let me give you a jump start.

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About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

4 thoughts on “Why Your To-Do List is Critical To Your Blog’s Success

  1. quality business writing

    It is the tasks that we put on the Dream Zone side of the To Do List that always lead to the most interesting and beneficial results. It is the big tasks on the list that make those humdrum jobs in the comfort zone worth doing. Most often it is just those comfort zone tasks that are paying for the time and materials that it takes to achieve the Dream Zone tasks. The things that you put into your Dream Zone are the tasks that make the To Do List worth doing in the first place.

  2. Georgina @GemWriting

    Stan I’ve not visited you for a while and boy what have I been missing! I love this post. It’s passionate, it’s provoking and it’s cool. I like that distinction between dreaming and comfort. Isn’t that interesting. Do the comfort stuff and feel that you’ve achieved a lot – but have you actually moved further forward?

    Whereas start hitting on those dream goals and hey things could seriously change. I guess when you step out of your comfort zone and try stuff that scares you – but then you actually achieve it, suddenly you’ve changed your reality and a whole new realm of possibility opens up right in front of you. So scary damn yes. But worth it. Most definitely.

    Fear can strangle you. But I also think in some weird twisted way fear whispers into your ear and holds you back to protect you from what could happen if you step into the unknown. So make friends with that fear. Make it feel safe and you never know, you could step forward together and achieve who knows what.

    I’m reading this after you’ve told us about you book. AWESOME STUFF. I’m so excited for you. It’s a fantastic project and I can’t wait to see where it takes you. Good luck and remember we’ve got your back too ;-)

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