Will Content Marketing Work For Your Business?

You are probably under tremendous pressure to invest in content marketing. But, smart CMOs understad that marketing strategy isn’t set by popularity polls.  Sure Seth Godin says “Content Marketing is the Only Market Left.” but Seth Godin isn’t briefing the CEO.  You are. Provocative soundbites work for SlideShare presentations but they aren’t the building blocks of a sound marketing strategy.

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How To Tell A Story That Sells

A little while ago we defined Content Marketing as “Stories that Sell.”  This definition still holds.  Stories are too compelling to ignore and businesses are learning that a well-designed story is an essential gear in their marketing machine.

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How Better Content Can Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals

Your sales team needs your content to work hard for them today.

It's tough being a sales rep in today’s environment especially if you are selling B2B services.  Key contacts are safely cocooned in an almost impenetrable anti-sales fortress.  Simply having tough skin and persistence isn’t getting the job done.

The modern sales rep needs the support of a well-designed and targeted content marketing plan.

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Why Blogging Isn’t Good Enough

Blog posts aren’t getting it done.  Anyone can blog and almost everybody does.  Your blog post is locked in a cage match with millions of other posts shouting at a limited pool of readers. Success in 2015 means retiring your blogger title and taking your game to a whole new level. You’ll need to become a full-stack content creator.

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How To Help Your Struggling Content Marketing Leader

Something isn’t working. Your marketing strategy is built on producing, repurposing, and promoting high-quality content.  This content is responsible for generating sales-qualified leads and your sales team is getting antsy. The end of the month is approaching and your carefully constructed editorial calendar still lacks finished content. What’s happening?

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