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How to Get Your Content Noticed

[Podcast] Episode #27: How To Get Your Content Noticed

Ok, you’ve been producing some crazy good blog posts, podcasts, infographics, and compelling short-run videos that tell your story.  What next?  How do you get your inspired content noticed and shared?  That’s what Laura and I tackle in this episode of the Pushing Social Podcast.   You’ll love it.

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Content Marketing The Smart Way

Content Marketing the Smart Way

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of creating and implementing a content marketing strategy? I know you are a smart, market-driven, professional but I wouldn’t be surprised if you are confused by the sea of (often contradictory) content marketing advice sloshing about on the Web.

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What the Heck Is Content Marketing

[Podcast] Episode #26: What The Heck is Content Marketing Anyway?

I love the term “Content Marketing”. I find myself using it to describe anything that an organization creates. But, I’ve discovered that there are as many definitions for the term as their are professionals that use it!

In this episode, Laura and I talk about the definition of content marketing and what it is and what it isn’t. We also throw in some “actionable” info that you can use immediately in your business.

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The Bloggers Guide toContent

The Blogger’s Guide to Content Distribution Channels

Distribution Channels aren’t talked about much in the social media space but they are critical in the startup world.

I’ve thrown a new buzzword at you so we’ll start with a definition.

Distribution Channels are places where your target audience congregate online to satisfy their thirst for more information about your subject.

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When Social Media Is A Bad Idea

[Podcast] Episode #25: When Is Social Media A Bad Idea?

Laura and I earn a living from offering our social media expertise to clients. So you can imagine how nervous this episode of the Pushing Social podcast made us. But, we didn’t hold anything back and shared our insights on what type of businesses shouldn’t try social media.

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Offering Free Tools to Increase Your Social Reach

Giving away a free report, whitepaper or case study has long been a staple in the content marketing world. In an effort to build credibility, spread your message and build your email list, you create a free piece of content that is packed with value.

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