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[Podcast] Episode #20: Why Your Blog May Need A Vacation

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Fired Up Friday – Push Your Boundaries

It can be tempting to stop pushing forward once we are “good enough” to get the job done. We have all been guilty of this before.

If you’re settling for mediocrity, what holds you back from greatness? Ask yourself why being average has become acceptable and answer yourself honestly.

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Fired Up Friday – Would You Follow You?

It’s a soul-searching question: “Would You Follow You?” Those who answer with a hearty “Yes!” lead because they have demonstrated something powerful. See what the secret to being a legend is in this Fired Up Friday video.


How to Write POWerful Blog Posts

So, how do you write a blog post?

We’ve talked about making sure you blog from your innate strength but what are the mechanics of writing or creating content for your blog?

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What Skinned Knees and Elbows Taught Me About Blogging

Is blogging like riding a bike?

It’s summer break and two boys in my house are focused on a single task.  My youngest son is learning how to ride his bike.  The oldest boy, me, is learning patience.  He’s riding.  He’s wobbly but he’s getting better by the minute.

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